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It’s Dushi Day! - 3762 - Two can play that game - Taking it easy - Why some cats should avoid trees – Hero saves kitten - Twenty twelve: have a good one - Zeppo in the box - The end of summer blues - Rumble in the backyard - It’s a beautiful day - Battle of the mouse catchers - Sneak in the grass - I will follow - Things to do, places to go - Birthday boy - Cats just want to have fun - Zeppo at the vet - What’s up dog? - I’m the queen of the world! - Nailed it! - Uncle Dushi loves his garden - A roof with a view - Treecats: grounded - Cat-calling sweet birds - Wash and learn - Golden eyes - White Christmas - Merry Christmas - There’s a new cat in our family tree - Photoguy to the rescue - Food? Don’t know who ate everything - Summertime and the livin’ is easy - Kittens against the sun - Kitten going up, growing up - Kittens in trees – anniversary edition - World Cup Football: kitten see, kitten do - Got milk? Kittens have a picnic - Warning: low flying kittens - I can’t see you! - Dushi and friend & Kittens in Trees, the next generation - Whiskers on kittens - Big brother is catching you - Keeping an eye on kitten - Sittin’ kitten: Who’s a pretty boy then? - Here’s looking at you - I want to suck your blood - You talkin’ to me? - Big brother is watching you - May I go play now? - Kitten says: the truth is out there - Kindle kitten is confused - A mother’s day out - Thank you so much - Paddy died - Paddy update – very worried - Your seat? We beg to differ - Look out world, here we come - In the garden: what a wonderful world - You’ve got to ask yourself one question: Do I feel lucky? - Kitten on the prowl - We are all ears - Kitten outside the box - Rock-a-bye kitten, in the treetop - Hello world, here we are! - Got your nose! - Kitten has claws - Little angel – fly like a tweety bird - Clean Machine 2 – Lessons Learned - Welcome to my crib - I’m busting out - I am kitten, hear me roar - Kitten: The Clean Machine - I’m calling uncle - Got milk? - Head of Household - Five Kittens – Big box, small world - Mothering heights - Me and my big mouth - I go to sleep - Big brother is watching you - Ready for Fight Club - We are family - Sleepyheads - Be my baby (introducing kittens in boxes) - Alone again (naturally) - My new motherhood pad - One box, two mothers, lots of kittens - Queen’s day – a walk with the royal family - Someone is tailing me - Sunset bliss - Happy Birthday – tear, shred, destroy - Can I go to San Francisco? - House cat strut - Here’s looking at you - Remembering Mosje - Sisters can be such a pain in the neck - Watching the grass grow - In Morpheus’ arms - Get down tonight - Paws on earth - Daffodil lament (Look at me, not at the flower) - Cute cat elect - I think I am being shadowed - When the lady smiles - Serenity on sunday - In the jungle, the mighty jungle - How do you do? (Wonderful world) - Paddy’s big fight – needs help - You put your left foot out - Dreamy - Dushi and the art of bicycle maintenance - My hungry heart - Kitten said boom! Again - United colours of Cats in Trees - Cool cats chilling - Sea me - I am the cheeky girl - I may be bigger, it still is a mighty drop - Have you seen the sun anywhere? - Hypnocat says: ‘You are feeling sleepy. You want to give me tuna’ - The mystery of the disappearing kittens – solved - I go to sleep - All hail to thee, mighty Goddess Spring - WHAM! - The prize is right - Catzilla grabs a tree - A cat’s love for sunbathing - Homeward bound - Lots of green on Paddy’s day - Face it, I’m head of the garden - I love the smell of crocus in the morning - Get up stand up (and open the door for me) - My life as a squeegee cat - In the mood for spring - CSI Cat Scene Investigations - Noses pink, eyes are green. Aren’t we the most colourful cats you’ve ever seen? - Things to do, places to go - Movie monday – Raging Brother - Hey brother, you’re blocking my sun! - Paddy’s playground: my cat tree - The adventures of Paddy: to boldly go where no cat has gone before - Ready to rumble - I’ll have the tunasalad, chickenwings and a double mouseburger - What a difference a day makes - Stormy weather – keeps raining all the time - Gold! - Kittens first flying lesson - Rest first, then eat? Totally doable - Vet does what?? - Does anyone wanna go dance upon the roof? - Girls’ night in: slumber party - Headbutts & kitten crushes - She’s not there? - Fencing: 5 meter hurdle race - Going up? - Ultimate catfights: Lil Miss Paddy vs. The Flying Dushi - Dream #7: Youth and the infinite possibilities of life - I spy with my little eye… - Who will be my Valentine? - Jump, it’s as easy as that - I’m walking on sunshine - What’s up with winter? - Work and what I think of it - Leaders of tomorrow: Paddy, a kitten with vision - Looking for trouble - I don’t want to say cheese, I want to eat it - Will you be my Valentine? Kitten smooches - Looking forward to springtime - Auntie Piwi: hear me roar - Sometimes happiness is just around the corner - Let’s go inside. What’s keeping you? - Whad’ya know? Back in the snow - No flash photography, please. I am a work of art - Good times in the garden - Will wake for food - After the walkabout – home sweet home - Dushi is BACK!!!! (updated) - Paddy’s morning blues - Truant Dushi, still missing - Missing brother, looking everywhere - Cat in the box says: buy more big things - Table top philosophy: I think I am hungry - Take a picture, it will last longer - Bird hunting – lazy kitten style - I couldn’t be any sweeter? Why not? - When the mighty fall - Is this the scent of spring, of sun, of happy times? - PI Paddy Investigates: the mystery of the disappearing snow - Catch me if you can - Kitten colours the black and white world - Stop and smell the snowflakes - Pen pal Paddy, superior scribbler - The birds are coming! - When Paddy met Daddy - Portrait of a tree climbing beauty? I’m down with that - Itty bitty Paddy in the big big trees - Camouflage kitten: in my element - Blast from the past: Head butt kitten - You need to look good on such a fine winter day - Kittens, it’s cold outside - I am the back door man - Child’s play: kittens in trees - Shine a light - The year was like me: lots of sun and fun… - Why can’t the rain stay mainly in the plains of Spain? - Dream #6: sleeping on soft and fluffy pillows - After the snow: here’s me, back in the tree - A fine figure of a cat - Paddy and Dushi’s flying circus - We wish you - Christmas cat chat - Sunny, yesterday my life was filled with snow - To ambush the brother - The snow goes on - Let it snow – winter fun - The cat that came in from the cold - Kittens on snow patrol - Snow is just not cool - To dream the impossible dream - Being bad boy - Lumberjack kitten in the winter sun - A sunday stroll in the winter sun - Man of the house: three’s company - Flight of the kitten, my aviation history - I don’t act all high and mighty - The mother of all cats in trees - Walk this way - What’s new pussycat? - The art of balance: synchronizing tongue and tail - Singing in the rain? NOT! - To find beauty where you least expect it - This will be my Christmas tree - Watch out! I am my brothers keeper - These our a few of our favorite things - My tree is my castle - Home is where the food is - Here comes the son - Smells like tree spirit - Are you feeling down? - Don’t you see? Life is good, up in the tree - Need for speed: mommy calls - Dushi on tree patrol - Paddy and Dushi sitting in a tree, k-i-s-s-i-n-g - Dushi, quick! I found the sun, it’s hiding here - That’s us. Cats that like to hang out in trees - Follow the leader - Still lots to see in my fig tree - Kittens love soccer - I want to ride my bicycle - This wall can’t hold me - Fall files #4: Strange new world (and we don’t like it) - Oh happy day, it’s Liesbeth’s birthday - Babe I’m gonna leaf you - All the world’s a stage, and all the cats are merely players - The tail is out there - Fall files #3: Nowhere to hide - Watch out buddy, I have my eye on you - Fall files #2: Dushi shows ’em how it’s done - Fall files #1: Woke up this morning… - Welcome to my neck of the woods - My brother – a picture by Paddy the paparazzo - Waiting for the sun - Can’t you see I am ignoring you? - Play that funky music - Don’t be afraid, don’t be very afraid - I like to take the high road - Cat goes up, must come down - Today is purrsday - Tree climbing: how not to do it - The brother stops here - The fast and furious cats - Hello, roof service? We would like to order, now - Get down tonight - This is where I want you to build my treehouse - I would like to put my foot down. But where? - Dushi’s adventures in waterworld - Our princess diaries - You didn’t have to fall just yet, it’s still sunny sometimes - Ahum. You can get me down now! - Just hanging, no biggie - Flying kittens going wild - I ain’t got nothing but the blues - The leaves leave or is it fall? - Where do you go to, my lovely? - It’s all downhill from here - Do you think my butt is too big? - What? Never seen a cat walk? - My brother thinks he is Alvin Chipmunk - The game is afoot - Catching some rays - Don’t move mom, I’ll get it off - Sweet child of mine - Why do I climb the tree? Because it’s there - Today I’m twice the kitten I used to be - Should I stay or should I go? - Mama says I’m grounded - Talk to the paw (’cause the cat ain’t listening) - Leapfrog, kitten style - Post #200: Rain drops keep falling on my head - Somewhere there’s music - She may be the face we can’t forget - It’s all wet. How could you let that happen? - How much is that kitty in the puddle? - You said summer was over. Don’t you feel silly? - I got your back, ma - Am I in the picture? - That’s me in the corner - Lonely at the top - Well, that is a new low - Cats out of trees, that’s a different story - You aren’t going anywhere on that bike today - Sometimes I think everybody is going somewhere but me - Conceited, moi? - I don’t like mondays - 3, 2, 1 – We have lift off - Baby be careful up there - A view of life from the sidelines - I’m going straight to the top - Flying furry fuzz ball - Did someone say food? - I want to fly like an eagle - I am woman, hear me purr - Baby got teeth - Hello, is it me you’re looking for? - What do you mean: cat’s don’t fly? - Can’t touch this - Like a walk in the park - So this is what kids today like to do - Honey, I blew up the kitten - Peek a boo - Gotcha! - The happy hunter - Is there a doctor in the house? - Dream #5: food, glorious food - The bird hunter - Tree hugger, contemplating - All together now - Mama, he treats your daughter mean - I believe I can fly - I don’t do naughty pictures - Playing hide and seek behind the little tree - What’s going on? - Close but no cigar - Relax, take it easy - Rope-a-dope kittens - Our sunshine - Cathletics – steeple chase - You may ask yourself: well… how did I get here? (updated) - Stop, children, what’s that sound? - I really love my tiger feet - Ain’t no mountain high enough - Hi mom. Bye mom. - Dude! You’re in my way! - Beware of the mighty paw of paddy - Jump around - Don’t worry be Paddy - Don’t mess with mommy - Dancing queen - Greatest movie ever – opening scene - On the downside: under the table - On the downside: under the bicycle - Mama don’t! - I just want to stay here a little longer - Briti says meow - Big brother is watching you - September sun puts a smile upon my face - Don’t worry, I’m keeping an eye on things - It just fell. I didn’t even touch it. Honest - King of the castle, master of my domain - It was late in the evening. And all through the house. Not a creature was stirring, not even a mouse - Tails of the unexpected: this is how we do it - Are you done yet? - So many games, so little time - Kitten crush - Kitten says boom! - Whaddya mean, summer is over? - Me Tarzan, you Jane? - One small step for man, but a giant leap for a kitten - Putting my best foot forward - Kitten playing air guitar (rock on) - I still haven’t found what I’m looking for - Don’t leave me this way - Playing catch (kitten style) - Can Dushi come out to play? - The hunt is on - Mom, you’re embarrassing me! - I really am the sweetest kitten - Daddy pays a visit - There’s birds in them trees - I’m on top of the door lookin’ down on creation - Family life - The truth is out there - Lady in waiting (on lady to be) - Little bundle of joy - Who is the fairest of them all? (Me! Me! Me!) - One step beyond - Good day sunshine - Paddy, Paddy the bush cat-garoo - Portrait of a lady - I only have eyes for you - The mother and child reunion - Ain’t misbehavin’ - Say what?! No food? - Dream #4: fly me to the moon - Welcome to the jungle, we got fun ‘n’ games - Flight of the kitten - Tag, you’re it! - Kittens in full f(l)ight - High speed chase in progress - What’s up, doc? - Rumble in the jungle – kitten style - Eye of the tiger - Eskimo kiss kittens - Coming through (move over, Dushi) - Take a walk on the wild side - Ain’t no sunshine, let’s get going - I can’t stand the rain - I feel like I’m walking on air - Toy stories #3: Get up, stand up - Kitten singing happy birthday - Happy 75th birthday Jan (and many more) - Someone to watch over us - Toy stories #2: I missed again - You got to walk and don’t look back - Dream #3: on cloud nine - Toy stories #1: Put ’em up, put ’em up - Deep, deep sleep - Hangover - What goes up, must come down - Sittin’ kitten - Time for my close up, again? - Business cat: I can manage several branches - Just doing a bit of gardening - Catching some trees - Everybody was kung-fu fighting, those cats were fast as lightning - Are you lookin’ at me? - Here’s looking at you, sis - I thought I saw a pussycat - Jump! - Playtime is over - Playtime - Relaxing in the tree - Sleeping on the edge - Flying lessons: feeling high - Cat lessons: fight school - Cat in a hat - Dad on a hot tin roof - I thought I saw a tweety bird - Falling asleep - I lick it here - Sleepy kitten - Lazing on a sunny afternoon - Vertigo - Wherever I lay my head is my home - Just sitting on a fence - Birdwatching - Cat nap 1: Relax (don’t do it) - Cat nap 2: One day I’ll fly away - We didn’t do it - Catfight - Yeah, mom. Whatever - Just hangin’ - I’m a barbie girl, he’s a barbie boy - High noon - Tree huggers - Home tree home - Is it a bird? Is it a plane? It’s superkitten! - To tree or not to tree - Head butt kitten - The day of sleeping dangerously - Ssh. don’t wake my brother - I’m a cat, not a cynic - Floating butterfly? Sting like a bee! - Sibling rivalry - Really getting the hang of it - Up up and… - What is your favourite picture? - I’ll get the hang of this - Saddle up, let’s go - Not the best place for mouse catching - Hanging on for dear life - Spring jitters in summer - Sneaking up on mum - Flying lesson #1: failure - Trees are nice when it’s warm and dry - But today it rains - Practising take-off, first paw - Becoming part of the tree - How did you find me? - Mum - Brother and sister in the family tree - Dream #2: floating on air - To sleep, perchance to dream - Hi down there - I am Paddy - My name is Dushi - Here’s where we live - Dream #1: how to be a bird - Trees are surprisingly comfortable - Meet Dushi and Paddy -