Rest first, then eat? Totally doable

No vets were harmed during the making of the new and neutered Dushi. And Dushi himself underwent the procedure like the brave cat he is. Dizzy and shaky from the anesthesia he returned home and cautiously climbed the stairs to find a quiet resting spot in the bathroom under the supervision of his sister Paddy.

After lots of resting a hungry Dushi came down again for a hearty meal and a stretched out nap on Photoguy’s long legs. All in all he is doing fine although, by orders of the vet, he will have to stay indoors for two days to recuperate.

17 thoughts on “Rest first, then eat? Totally doable

  1. What a face. Our best to Dushi. It is not fun going through this, but well worth controlling the pet population. Good for you. Now rest, and get lots to eat. Back to yourself in a few days.

  2. Oh poor Dushi. Make sure yoo get plenty of treats! Just look pitiful whenever yoo get the opportunity, and meow pathetically whenever Photoguy is near. That always gets us treats after a VET trip. OK?

  3. We’ve just been catching up on what’s been happening in your tree world……what a brave boy you were, Dushi, and we’re so happy to see you doing so well. You are one handsome young mancat. We also loved the other pics and especially the one of Paddy and Briti…xxxxxxxxx

  4. They got you, did they? Oh well, many a mancat lives a good life without some of his precious parts. The most important thing is that you survived. And staying inside for just two days isn’t all that bad. They feel guilty, so you can probably work them for more treats.

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