One box, two mothers, lots of kittens

Barely one year old and already a mother. Paddy really didn’t waste any time. And it must have been the desire to assist her in every way that made Briti join her in motherhood. And so Paddy had kittens with Briti at her side guiding her through the entire process. Then Briti had her kittens, with Paddy by her side. And there they are. One box, two mothers and all their kittens.

21 thoughts on “One box, two mothers, lots of kittens

  1. OMC!!…We didn’t realize they were pregnant, but it is so lovely that Briti was by Paddy’s side and then joined her in motherhood again…What beautiful, loving photos=their story is heartwarming!…Beautiful girls, we hope all is well…We can’t wait to see all those precious babies as they grow!!…xo…Calle, Halle, Sukki

  2. Oh dear! Lovely that there are kittens.. but I thought when Dushy got neutred that Britty and Paddy are spayed too!

  3. I look forward to seeing the babies. Hope you post lots of photos as they grow. Amazing how mother nature is. They take care of each other.

  4. ooooh am i to feel glad or sad? Hope the new kitties will have a lovely kittenhood and fing good forever homes….

  5. Oh this is such a heartwarming picture of motherhood. We had no idea they were pregnant. Please be sure to show us lots of pics of the adorable babies.

    So now there will be kittens in trees!

  6. wow This is a sweet moment, I’m so impressed by these pictures, it’s fabulous!I think Paddy has so many love inside her heart, she is so sweet, it’s wonderful to see they take care of each other together!
    Thanks for sharing!
    a great Sunday for you all
    Luna and mommy Léia

  7. Holy moly! I didn’t even know that Paddy or Briti was pregnant! It’s wonderful that Briti can help Paddy through the process. So how many kittens are there all together? You’re sure in for some fun for the next while.

    Are you keeping them all, or are you giving some away to good homes?

  8. I want to reach into the monitor and “gently~cerebral~squeeze” the lot of them in a group hug!

    Beautiful pictures!

    Thanks for this post…I needed it today…♥

  9. OMG! I have been gone a long time. They both had babies. Thay are just the sweetest. All of them, Paddi, Briti and their kittens. Congratulations to all. Think one of the babies want to live in CA?

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