Kittens first flying lesson

While we are waiting for Dushi to recover completely, here are two short video’s from the early days of Cats in Trees. Enjoy.

16 thoughts on “Kittens first flying lesson

  1. We hope Dushi is feeling better today. Smoochies.

    And we LOVED the videos. We’ve not seen them before so we guess they must have been before we found yoor wonderful blog. Those kittens are just pawsome tree climbers and fliers!

  2. We see by the comments that you won the people’s choice award and that is fantastic. No one deserves it more than you two. Good job. And hope Dushi is feeling better by now. Thanks for coming by our blog too.

  3. wow you really know how to fly! 🙂
    Cute videos today dear friends!
    Photoguy has a beautiful voice as well!
    It’s so nice to see you playing together!
    purrs and much love in this weekend okay!

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