We are all ears

But that doesn't mean we will listen

All about kittens

From our friends Sam and Andy and Eric and Flynn we received this cool award. We are so supposed to tell things about ourselves, we will do that by answering questions from the past week about the kittens.





  • Who is your daddy?

    We don’t know. Briti and Paddy won’t tell. Technically it could be Dushi, because it must have happened before he was ‘fixed’, but it is not likely.

  • Who is your mommy?

    We don’t know. Certain is that most of Paddy’s children are light, but she did have one darker grey kitten. So most of the lighter kittens must be Paddy’s and most of the darker kittens must be Briti’s. But nobody really cares. From our first day on we were one big litter divided in two in continually changing combinations.

  • What about Dushi?

    Dushi is just the perfect big brother/uncle. Now the kittens are out and about and everywhere he keeps an eye on them, he licks them, cares for them and plays with them. Sometimes the playing looks a little rough, especially when he plays kittensoccer, but he is always very careful.

  • Will we keep them?

    That would be sweet. But the house is much too small for so many cats. We are going to find good homes for them as soon as they are old enough.

  • Will the mothers be spayed?

    Yes! Kittens are very sweet and a lot of fun. But they were not really planned and more are certainly not wanted.

  • Do they leave the boxes yet?

    They do. And how. When they go out you can find them everywhere in the living room, walking and squeeking. Dushi does help with keeping in eye on them. They climb, run, jump, fight and have even tried to play football. When they are not discovering every nook and cranny of the living room some like to climb on the couch and sit on or next to Photoguy.

  • Do they have names?

    No, not yet. Photoguy had planned to make portraits of all of them and ask everyone to suggest names. But when he had finally figured out the solution to our blogging problem (wordpress wouldn’t load), by turning the modem off and on, the weather was very bad and there was not enough light for that. He plans to do it as soon as possible. Meanwhile if anybody would like to suggest a name based on the pictures that are already posted, you are very welcome.


17 thoughts on “We are all ears

  1. Thanks for the answers to the questions. I wouldn’t name them either if you are going to find them homes. Hope they can find some good homes. Glad you are going to have those silly Mom’s spayed. We just hate to see too many homeless kittens or cats.

  2. What a great way to tell us about your kittens and what will be happening in the weeks to come. It sounds like a houseful. I am sure they will all get great homes. I put a add in the paper for the kittens that were born to the next door neighbors cat and adopted us when they were big enough to get out. I told all that they needed to have them fixed or to return them. One little boy and his Mom returned George a few weeks later as the Father refused to have him fixed. George died last year, but we had him for almost 18 years wonderful years. I loved having the kittens around and it broke my heart to give them up but they got good homes. My neighbors cat had one more litter, so I asked her to have her cat fixed and it was cheap to do so and one week later she did. We may have to close a shelter here and so many pets will not survive. It is sad here in California and so many states. Love our adopted Oscar and glad to have saved him. Take care and have fun with your kittens and thanks for sharing. Love the photos and I show them to my husband. They are so irresistible at that age and as they grow.

  3. Haha! It looks like the kitty facing the camera has 3 ears. That was a good idea to answer the questions. It is very sweet that Paddy and Briti share their litters and don’t worry which kit belongs to who.

  4. It sounds like one big happy kitty family at your place! The kittens sound like they are already a handful, but so much fun! The day they start going off to new homes is probably going to be a sad one.

  5. It’s good to know some more about the kittens. I hope you find wonderful homes for all of them!

    Huffle Mawson

  6. Haha! That reminds me of a picture of a four-earred cat that I saw not long ago. It was a gray and white kitty like these little ones two.

    Those little ears are certainly PURRky enough, aren’t they? So sweet.

  7. What a cutie!!!!!!! Our mama wishes she could take some of those darlings, but our landlord says 2 is the most she can have…sigh……

    We enjoyed reading the answer to the questions and are very thankful that Dushi is so good with them….and we must say that we are having Dushi withdrawal….we need a pic of Dushi!!!!!!

    Yay regarding the spaying….like you said kittens are adorable, but enough is enough!!!!!

    Not knowing whether this darlin’ is male or female, we thought Tache (pronounced Tashie) because of the beautiful moustache . xxxxxxx

  8. Hello sweet friends,
    Babies are adorable and thanks so much for the answers, mommy Léia and I were very curious about the babies, and all family there.
    Cute picture and I wish all the best for all.
    purrs and love for this beautiful family

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