Missing brother, looking everywhere

Dushi is missing!

He went out thursday evening and never returned. Until now his territory was mainly limited to our own garden and that of our neighbour. When called he was always quick to respond and return home. Not so this time.
Searches of the neighbourhood thursdaynight and friday so far without result. No sight of Dushi (or of any of the other cats that can regularly be seen in the neighbourhood).
Which might be a good sign. He could be off wooing with the big boys. When his (probable) father was about Dushi’s age he stayed several days and nights at our back door wooing Briti. He couldn’t be made to go back to his own home and came back every time he was chased off.

Animal Rescue was very helpful and friendly, but had no reports about a cat fitting Dushi’s description. At least they have a picture and information about Dushi now, and will call when they hear anything.

Nothing to do now but maybe go out one last time, worry and hope he will suddenly turn up again at the back door. Or be there tomorrow morning with a grumpy ‘I have been waiting for hours’-look.


13 thoughts on “Missing brother, looking everywhere

  1. O nee he
    Mijn god niet te geloven
    Ik wou dat ik kon helpen !!!!!
    Is hij geshipt , ik hoop t.
    Ik hoop dat hij snel terug komt of dat iemand hem kan vangen
    dit is het ergste wat er kan gebeuren met een buiten kat.
    Ik duim voor je de hele dag,
    Ik stuur je positive kracht meid
    blijf zoeken geef nooit op !!!
    Laat me iets horen aub als je meer weet …..

  2. So sorry to know this sad news. Please dear Paddy be positive. I will send all of my love and prayers for you and I believe he will be back soon and he is safe.
    Please, give us updates okay…

  3. OH NO! We are so sorry ~ it must be worrying. But we do believe that Dushi could never stay away form his favourite trees and his loving family and fur-siblings for too long so he WILL come back.
    Please try not to worry ~ we are PURRING SO HARD for his safe return.
    Smoochies. Please keep us updated.

  4. That’s terrible! You all must be so worried! We keep all paws crossed that he turns up soon. And maybe he should get whisked away to the vet the next day as a reward. ; ) We never went missing for that long, but once Siena disappeared a few hours. We now think she was locked in the neighbour’s shed in a staredown with the introoder Dado. She came when Mom and the other type of human were talking in the garden. Not calling her but just talking.
    We’re thinking of you! We’re sure he’ll be back in no time.
    Big time purrs, Siena, Chilli and mom

  5. Oh no I am so sorry to hear this and am praying that he returns soon. You must be so worried. Sending you purrs and love and crossing everything that you have a safe return.. Love GJ and Carol x

  6. Oh, NO!!!!!!!!!!!! We are purring that Dushi will soon return home….that it’s just a case that his is out “tomcatting” around.
    Come home, Dushi, come home. We all miss you…….xxxxxxxxxxx

  7. We are so sorry to hear that. We will say lots of purrs that he will come home. One of our sisters disappeared for 10 days and Mom had given up and was very sad, and one evening she walked up to the back gate and was just fine. So hopefully he will be back soon.

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