We are family

Kitten update

There’s no place like home. There’s no place like home. There’s no place like Momma’s box. Paddy moved back in with her mom today. Took (most of) her kids and squeezed in. As little as the kittens still are, they have grown a lot. That old box is a tight fit. Some people would say: too tight. Photoguy is one of these people. After a lot of moving to and fro, finally Paddy agreed the roomier option was the best option. Now everything is back to the way it was.

Kitty Fight Club

Quarter Final time at the Kitty Fight Club. Paddy vs. Sweet Pea. Please help Paddy in this epic battle and vote for her.


13 thoughts on “We are family

  1. OH my!!!!!!!!!!! That video is just so precious! We LOVE IT!!! The babies have grown haven’t they! My mummy can’t get enough of the kittens!

  2. How about a large tent, with a large plastic storage box with low sides, like the kind you would store blankets in under a bed, so there would be room for moms to stretch out, and kittens to easily manuever to get to a nipple, plus there would be room for a litterbox and food and water for the moms and they wouldn’t stress the kittens by moving them so much…

  3. Hello photoguy,
    thanks so much for this adorable video!What a beautiful and blessed family!
    I think it’s so beautiful that Briti and Paddy can share this moment with love and much peace inside the heart!Humans can learning much about love with these cute critters friends!
    Love you all!
    Luna ( and mommy Léia )
    *** note: here mommy Léia , when I was listening and watching the video, little Luna was in her cat tree taking a nap. At the moment that she heard the lovely sound and voices in this video, she run by my side very curious and I could see inside her eyes, how much she was happy about it!

  4. Oh such cuteness! We had to turn the sound down because Samson was trying to get close to the kitten sounds!

    Good luck in the Kitty Fight Club, Paddy! We definitely agree that no matter who wins, we’ll be happy with the outcome!

  5. Oh my! Purrrrrr…

    You caused a scene here. My momma Ellie did a double take at the computer wanting to get to all the kittens…Nigel started meowing and Bennette’s eyes got HUGE!

  6. At first I was a little concerned with the squealing going on, but I guess Paddy’s baby didn’t want to be moved. She sure was trying to fit a lot into a tiny space! But Briti didn’t seem to mind at all.

    I loved to hear all of those purrs — there were so many different ones going on at the same time — it was like a melody with purrfect harmonies.

    Those little pink legs and feet at the end were almost too adorable to bear!

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