United colours of Cats in Trees

We are very happy with this wonderful award we received from our friends and heroes Eric and Flynn. The mood ring award is created by the amazing Katie and each recipient is asked to share about themselves four things that represent the colors of the mood ring: Pink, Blue, Orange and Green.


You can’t call us outright naughty. But being cats, obedience and rulefollowing isn’t exactly a priority for the two of us. Sometimes we do get in trouble, but usually we get away with it. Why? Paddy because of her look of perfect innocence, and Dushi -who tends to look mischievous – because of his pretty pink nose.


Days with bright sun and blue skies are our favourite days. It’s not that we are particularly bothered by rain, snow, cold or anything. But on those days the door stays open and we can go in and out as we please. And, most importantly, Photoguy will join us in the garden and enjoy the sun at the first opportunity.


Being Dutch our blood probably is orange. A soccer match, a speed skating race, almost every sporting event is reason enough for Dutch people to dress entirely in orange and wear silly hats. In fact during the upcoming soccer World Championships entire streets, sometimes even blocks, will be coloured orange. And let’s not forget Queens Day on april 30th, the national day for celebrating, selling old stuff and wearing orange.


Can’t you guess? Being young we still have so much to learn. We try to learn the ways of the world by looking around with our green eyes. And where better to do that than up in the green trees in the safety of our own garden?

We nominate the following colorful cats

  • Pink: D’Artagnan Rumblepurr from Rumblebum. Paddy was tickled pink when he chose her for Foxy Friday.
  • Blue: Puss from Puss in Boats. He is a big fat wonderful cat and boats live in water and water is blue.
  • Orange: Kareltje from Kareltje en ikke!!! Being Dutch and orange on the inside is just not enough for him, he wears it on the outside too.
  • Green: Gracie from DailyGs. Being young and green and still having gone through so much already, we think she deserves an award as beautiful as herself.

13 thoughts on “United colours of Cats in Trees

  1. You have made good choices of who to pass the award on to. Our mum has the faintest tinge of Orange in her blood as her Grandad’s ancestors came to Devon with William of Orange in 1688.

  2. What a wonderful award and it fits you both perfectly. Photoguy did a great job in making this extra special. You are a great team/family.

  3. You did this award proud. I almost gave you green when I won it too. Nice to see how you are filled with even more colors than we knew.

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