My new motherhood pad

Kitten update

Ten. Ten kittens in total. Not like last time, when Briti came up with a sweet duo: Paddy and Dushi. Ten no less. They all look pretty special, but still: ten. Briti and Paddy had better enjoy every second of it, ten children from the both of them is more than enough for the world to enjoy.

At least Paddy has now been convinced to move to a new box with her family. Much more comfortable for both mothers, now they have room to stretch out completely and even change position without upsetting the entire balance of twelve cats in one box. (It must be said: ‘the balance’ was a pretty sweet state to observe: two cats purring, accompanied by the sound of tenfold suckling.)

In fact the new situation offers so much room that Paddy decided to move all kittens in one box, hers, during the night. Only grudgingly would she accept that the kittens are divided equally among both mothers again. Still, the slightest kittensqueeking during a nipplefight is enough for her to jump in to her mothers box and grab a kitten to take home again. Her fellow-mother Briti is not too bothered about it.
Nonetheless, when the same happened as Briti had left her children briefly for a drink of water, she nonchalantly took hold of one kitten in Paddy’s box on her way back to her own. Thus keeping the score even.

15 thoughts on “My new motherhood pad

  1. How gorgeous that you have 2 mummy cats nursing at the same time! We looove that picture! We were thinking how you would tell which kittens belong to which mummy, but it seems that Briti and Paddy don’t really mind as long as the number is right!
    Purrs, Keiko Kenji & Pricilla

  2. Wow, 10 kittens are so many, but they are so cute. Looks like all is going well. So, Briti is your cat and she had Paddy and Dushi. I have not been following long enough to remember hearing of Briti till now. Yes, I would make sure no more babies. You have your hands full. I hope they all have good homes to go to when it is time. Where I live, so many pets are in animal shelters and desperately need homes. We have had our kitties fixed so no more kitties are born. Is Dushi Dad to all the kitties. They all look so much alike. So cute. ENJOY!!

  3. Just lovely photos; they are all really beautiful…How funny Paddy wants all the babies to be hers and Briti is cool about it, taking Paddy’s occasionally too=so wild to have both give birth at the same time…We can’t wait to see the next post, this is exciting to watch!…How is Dushi handling this?…Who is the Daddy?…Kisses to all the adorable babies and their sweet Mommies!…xo…Calle, Halle, Sukki

  4. OOOh Sooo cute… But 10 wee little ones… you have your hands full. Hope everything would lead to a happy ending. Better start looking for forever homes from now so that by the time the little ones are 2 months aold they could be neutred/spayed and sent to them… And am hoping that this will be the last time the two mamas would be mamas… You could have a different view to it but, i guess it will do everyone good.. btw how is Dushi doing?

  5. That is amazing that both cats had their kittens at the same time. They are such cute kittens and it is so great that they just trade kittens back and forth. We do hope you will get Paddy spade and maybe Briti too so you don’t have too many cats in all those wonderful trees. Have a wonderful Sunday

  6. Wow so many beautiful kittens! We hope they grow well and you can find wonderful forever homes for them all and that both Mums get spayed as soon as possible.

    These are very good Mummy Cats!

    Whicky Wuudler

  7. Those pictures are so adorable! Do you even know whose kittens are whose? It seems even Briti and Paddy aren’t quite sure. How many kittens did each of them have? Yes, 10 is quite a lot. Just wait until they start running around — they’ll be all over the place. You’ll have to be careful not to step on them! LOL!
    It seems that both girls are good mothers, though, which is a blessing.

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