It’s Dushi Day!

Relaxin' on a birthday

It’s a special day today. A day for takin’ it easy. But that is not what makes this day so special. Taking it easy is Dushi’s core business. But today is Dushi’s birthday, the day he gets to do almost everything he wants. Luckily for Photoguy that ain’t much (today).

Dushi, a big cuddly layabout kinda birthday boy.


Why some cats should avoid trees – Hero saves kitten

Climbing trees is fun. But let’s face it. If all cats were meant to do that, we would have been squirrels. Getting up is easy enough, but the getting down part can be tricky. Even for us. Remember Dushi first fall, or Paddy’s?

Today we would like to tell the story of a kitten’s tree climbing adventure gone wrong. It could have ended disastrous had it not been for the hero who didn’t hesitate to jump in the cold water of a canal to save the little kitten.

In the Dutch city of Breda a kitten got stuck in a tree. A fire truck rushed to the rescue, but the firemen weren’t able to help the kitten. It shied away from the scary machine and the big men operating it. (We would too).

She retreated onto ever thinner branches. Too thin. The branches broke and kitten fell. She was able to catch a lower branch and hold on for a while. The hero of this story, Ruud van Kuijk, took off his jacket and tried to catch her. But when the kitten finally had to let go, she ended up in the middle of the cold cold canal. Out of reach for the other rescuers. Our hero Ruud van Kuijk didn’t hesitate for a second, took off his shirt, jumped in the icy water and saved the unlucky catintree.

The photo’s on this blog are ususally made by Photoguy, but we like this story so much, we gladly present you the story as seen through the lens of Luuk Koenen’s camera. Click the link below to see the complete slide show. Enjoy.