It’s Dushi Day!

Relaxin' on a birthday

It’s a special day today. A day for takin’ it easy. But that is not what makes this day so special. Taking it easy is Dushi’s core business. But today is Dushi’s birthday, the day he gets to do almost everything he wants. Luckily for Photoguy that ain’t much (today).

Dushi, a big cuddly layabout kinda birthday boy.


5 thoughts on “It’s Dushi Day!

  1. Happy Birthday to you, Dushi, you are beautiful. I love this photo. Have a nice day taking it easy. I am so far behind on my blog and just found I can put music back on it, so I start to figure out how to get that going. Oscar just had his 10th birthday on April 11. I should have posted that. So glad you are still around and so nice to see this post. Made my day. Enjoy yours.

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