Two can play that game

Uncle Dushi has a big floppy tongue, but little Zeppo is not impressed. Anything he can do, she can do just as well.


It’s a beautiful day

Zeppo blue sky by ajbunsby

It has been a long time since our last post. No reason to worry though, we are all doing fine. Better than that: we get along better than ever. Grandma Briti, uncle Dushi and little Zeppo have become the sweetest cat family imaginable.

Complaints, we have few. But if we had to make them, we would say that Photoguy has to go out to work much more and that the weather has not been that perfect for a cats-in-trees-life.

But that is in the past, because today is a beautiful day and Photoguy is here to enjoy it with us.

Our greetings from a sunny september garden under the beautiful blue sky.

Listen to: Beautiful day

Zeppo at the vet

Little Zeppo is at the vet right now. Later this morning she will be spayed.
She was quite keen on the trip. She kept walking in the cat carrier and looking out: ‘can we go yet?’ She was no trouble at all, which is a good thing. Because if she disagrees she can be quite a handful.
On the walk over to the vet’s she was also too busy looking about, to even notice she was locked in by that time.