Photoguy to the rescue

The origins of the sounds of the house being wrecked soon became clear when Dushi crashed down the stairs. The lid of the bathroom swingtop bin was stuck around his body. He looked a most pathetic sight.

Photoguy jumped into action. This time by not taking pictures, but immediately removing the unwanted addition. Luckily Dushi recognized Photoguy’s superiority in the matter and underwent the procedure without a struggle. Even though it involved some pulling and occasional repositioning of limbs, the seperation was done in an instant and Dushi off again to have a bite to eat.

Not much sympathy is needed for Dushi this time. This ordeal was entirely his own doing. Grown cats should know better than to try to climb into dustbins (especially when there is no chance of ever finding something edible in there) and wrecking them in the process.

Otherwise Dushi and family are fine. All of the little ones, except one, have found new homes. So life is much quieter at the house of Cats in Trees.
Usually, that is. The remaining kitten, Paddy’s daughter and looking very much like her (sometimes listening to the name Zeppo) can make the sound of ten when she is running around the house with her uncle Dushi and sometimes her grandmother Briti.