In the garden: what a wonderful world

Listen to: What a wonderful world – Louis Armstrong


Ready for Fight Club

The Quarter Final in Kitty Fight Club brings you Sweet Pea vs Paddy. It is going to be a tough fight for Paddy, and a difficult choice for everyone.

Nevertheless Sweet Pea’s friend Delilah says you shouldn’t vote for Sweet Pea. We don’t know if we agree with that, but we do know Paddy. And she is just the sweetest kitten, sister, daughter, aunt and mother on four legs. So we hope everyone will vote for Paddy.

And while Paddy is busy in her Fight Club Quarter Final, Briti is taking care of the kids.

Alone again (naturally)

“So many cats, but no one to play with. Twenty times a day I go to the boxes to see if there is a little playmate for me. But all they want to do is eat and sleep. So here I am in the tree. My only companion, a big fat magpie. But he chatters so loud, it’s scary. I am glad he is gone.”

Listen to: Alone again – Gilbert O’Sullivan