Big brother is watching you

Paddy still needs a lot of help in Kitty Fight Club. Go to Misha’s blog and please vote for Paddy.

15 thoughts on “Big brother is watching you

  1. Dushi is such a handsome boy; he found a great spot as a look out!…We voted for Paddy again=remind us daily in your posts…Happy weekend sweet friends; Paddy and Briti, this is YOUR weekend!!…kisses…xo…Calle, Halle, Sukki

  2. Dushi Dude! Tommy says you look so adorable in this photo! Well, me being a man cat say you stake your claim, with an eye on everybody! Like the photo!

  3. Be careful not to get A HEAD of yourself there, Dushi! You could be preserved in concrete forever if you’re not careful.

    Great shot of you, by the way! I guess you have to keep yourself amewsed with all those little babies around.

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