Happy Birthday – tear, shred, destroy

Why is the tree covered with coloured paper? It’s our first birthday? Do we get presents? And treats? We do? Bring it on, then. Ehm. But first we have to do this thing…


27 thoughts on “Happy Birthday – tear, shred, destroy

  1. G_E_F_E_L_I_C_I_T_E_E_R_D_

    met jullie verjaardag
    knuffels van ons allemaal !!!!!
    Wat leuk hoe ze met die slinger spelem
    die video is errrggggg leuk 🙂

    Welterusten slaap lekker allemaal

  2. A lovely Purrthday in a lovely Garden, with “foreign visitors”, as well!
    May you both enjoy many more Garden Par-tays!


    Rose and the Royals

  3. Happy Birthday to our dear friends Paddy and Dushi! We love the video with the paper decorations ~ wot fun! And Jimmi Hendrix has always been one of mom’s favourites! She had every album he made before the days of CDs. (She said that ages her!)

    Hope yoo had a really wonderful birthday!

  4. Happy Birthday, Paddy and Dushi! Dushi, you are now officially a mancat and Paddy is a ladycat! It’s a rite of passage. You certainly had lots of fun destroyed that paper lantern. You did a very good job, Dushi! You are very determined, I must say.

    I hope you both had a wonderful birthday with lots of treats, and toys and extra hugs and kisses. Oh rapturous day, kaloo, kalay!

  5. A very Happy Birthday to you two. It looks like you are having a wonderful time. What a great video. Have a great day and many more. Photoguy outdid himself. The music is perfect.

  6. We’re very very sorry we missed your first birthday, Paddy and Dushi!! As you probably know, we haven’t been around much in the CB lately ’cause of our useless Mommy. Sheesh. We hope you had a wonderful great super day. 😀

    Purrs and hugs,
    The Kitty Krew

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  8. OMC! Dat was so pawsome…da video! And I so sorry I missed your guys birthday, so happy belated birthday! I hopes you had a pawsome day, dat tissue in da trees sure did looks like fun!


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