Kittens in trees – anniversary edition

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Thank you so much

The loss of Paddy has been, and still is, a great shock. She really was the sweetest of cats, with a fondness for treeclimbing and snuggling up in armpits.

She always was a joy to have around and her sweet face would always make you smile.

It was moving to see how many shared my love for Paddy, judging by all the heartwarming comments and wonderful tributes to her. I was really touched by all of those and I would like to thank everyone very much for their warmth and support in the past days.


Paddy died

Last evening the vet called to give the sad news of Paddy’s death.

We hoped she was young and strong enough to recover from the surgery that was necessary to save her life. But in her already weakened state the shock of the procedure and the blood loss turned out to be too much for her to bear.
The past days she held on bravely and patiently endured the continuous administering of food and water. Each time she was fed she seemed to perk up a bit, but instead of getting stronger, she slowly got weaker. When her body temperature dropped the kittens even helped by cuddling up against her.
Final attempts at the vet’s to warm and revive her were to no avail. Knowing that at leaving her at the vet this afternoon there was only a glimmer of hope left that her situation might improve, the news of her death came as a huge shock.

Paddy was exactly like she looks in her pictures. Enterprising, funny and very very sweet. Thank you for all the kind words, purrs and prayers from the past days, they show that she was loved the world over.

We will miss her tremendously.

Ready for Fight Club

The Quarter Final in Kitty Fight Club brings you Sweet Pea vs Paddy. It is going to be a tough fight for Paddy, and a difficult choice for everyone.

Nevertheless Sweet Pea’s friend Delilah says you shouldn’t vote for Sweet Pea. We don’t know if we agree with that, but we do know Paddy. And she is just the sweetest kitten, sister, daughter, aunt and mother on four legs. So we hope everyone will vote for Paddy.

And while Paddy is busy in her Fight Club Quarter Final, Briti is taking care of the kids.