Be my baby (introducing kittens in boxes)

Listen to: Be my baby – The Ronettes


15 thoughts on “Be my baby (introducing kittens in boxes)

    • Both mothers keep kittennapping from each others boxes, so the content of each box is continually changing.
      I believe originally the lighter kittens were Paddy’s and the darker Briti’s. But Paddy also did have one darker kitten. So I don’t really know and both mothers don’t really care. It’s just one big happy crawling suckling squeeking purring family.

  1. Gosh they all look a lot alike. Do the Moms know the difference?? They sure are cute. And what fun they are going to be when they get a little bigger.Have a great day.

  2. They are all so sweet. I look forward to them getting bigger. Thanks for sharing this. Nice photos. I love the song “Be My Baby” so appropriate and a great song. How nice they are all one happy family. How unusual to have this happen.

  3. Our mama is squealing!!!!!!!!! They are all so adorable…..and the one at the bottom of the last picture soooooooo makes her think of Andy when he was a baby. xxxxxxxxx

  4. Oh My! Queen Mum wants the lot of them! Oh, this “change of life” cycle She’s on…
    They are still, and dreaming baby kitteh dreams…let’s let them be for now…leave stark reality to those of Us who deal daily with such things,,,
    many huggggs,
    Rose and the Royals

  5. Oh my! They almost look like little mice! Have you given them names yet? Or can you even tell some of them apart?

    It’s so exciting to be able to watch them grow and change vicariously through your lens. Thank you for sharing this experience with us.

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