Merry Christmas


Pen pal Paddy, superior scribbler

Our friends of The Kitty Krew received The Superior Scribbler Award earlier this week, and deservedly so. We may not be a very wordy blog, nevertheless they found us worthy to pass the award on to. Sometimes a picture says more than a thousand words and we always hoped (some of) ours fit in that category. That’s why we are very proud to receive this award. Thank you Kitty Krew.
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Post #200: Rain drops keep falling on my head

Play: Rain drops keep falling on my head

Here it is. Our two hundredth post. Isn’t that something? About one hundred days ago photoguy started this blog because he took such cute pictures of us sleeping in the tree. Who knew he could post two photos of us every day since then? Who could have predicted so many would visit this blog?

That calls for a little celebration. Not by re-posting photos of our early days (when we were such very very very super cute little kittens) , because that is done already on the right side bar.  But by posting an entry for the WordPress Logo Fun Contest. After all, the good people of WordPress gave us the opportunity and the tools, so this is our thanks to them.

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