Alone again (naturally)

“So many cats, but no one to play with. Twenty times a day I go to the boxes to see if there is a little playmate for me. But all they want to do is eat and sleep. So here I am in the tree. My only companion, a big fat magpie. But he chatters so loud, it’s scary. I am glad he is gone.”

Listen to: Alone again – Gilbert O’Sullivan

The mystery of the disappearing kittens – solved

We have been tagged by Eric and Flynn to play to the photo game and post the 10th photo in the first folder. Here we go: it’s a photo of the both of us on one of our first days outside.

When we were first allowed out Photoguy feared we might end up in one of the neighbours gardens and get lost. He needn’t have worried. After investigating the chairs and the bikes we came upon the trees and immediately climbed up. For weeks we spend almost all of our time outside in the trees or strolling up and down the fence.