Things to do, places to go

Things to do, places to go by ajbunsby

Young and restless, Zeppo always has things to see, do, investigate, visit or eat. Unless she is sleeping. But now is not the time for that.


Our princess diaries

Princess Briti and princess Paddy on a walk with the royal family



Yes, we are royalty now. We received this award from elegant and beautiful Sassy from The Kitty Krew. We were very pleased, of course.

Poor peasant boy Dushi grumbled (as these peasants will insist on doing), even though we declared we would still look upon him as our son and brother.
That’s why we decided to go for a nice walk on the beach with those darling other Dutch royals: Prince Willem Alexander, princess Maxima and their lovely daughters princess Amalia, princess Alexia and little princess Ariane.

Inevitably we got sand between our toes and decided the royal life was not for us and we returned to Dushi and our trees. Still, we had a wonderful day and we thank Sassy for it.

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