Zeppo at the vet

Little Zeppo is at the vet right now. Later this morning she will be spayed.
She was quite keen on the trip. She kept walking in the cat carrier and looking out: ‘can we go yet?’ She was no trouble at all, which is a good thing. Because if she disagrees she can be quite a handful.
On the walk over to the vet’s she was also too busy looking about, to even notice she was locked in by that time.


4 thoughts on “Zeppo at the vet

    • Oh, she’s doing fine. This was actually an old post, that somehow wasn’t posted properly.
      She has recovered perfectly, and so has Briti, who had her procedure a week later.

  1. I’m amazed Zeppo was so well-behaved! Binga and I went to the vet the other day and we were both very loud and unhappy! I’m glad her and Briti’s spays went well.

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