Man of the house: three’s company

Dushi: A strange cat came into our garden today. Our mom Briti told him to go away in a loud and melodious voice, but he just sat there. I had my say and waved my (by then) fluffed up tail at him, still he wouldn’t leave. Meanwhile Paddy was exploring possible hiding places.
Then Photoguy came out to see what all the fuss was about. That made him run (must be camera shy). Well, I chased him and gave him a good smack or two. That will teach him to come here uninvited.

11 thoughts on “Man of the house: three’s company

  1. We’ve had visitors too. Someone my mom and dad refer to as “Tortie Princess”. Can you imagine. This fluffball intrudes on our yard and they call her that?? Jonesie and Ginger are doing their best to chase her off.

  2. Ik denk dat hij een warma plaats zocht !!
    ik denk dat hij wel weer terug komt.
    Het is hier zo koud no 0 graden en morgen misschien sneeuw
    Ik denk dat jou katjes dan ook wel binnen zitten he 🙂

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