19 thoughts on “Little angel – fly like a tweety bird

  1. Those kitties need some more room to move around. But that is a cute picture. That one looks like it’s mom and dad. By the way, who is the dad.

  2. Cutie pie oooh such precious little ones. I am sorry to ask this question over and over again.. But I sure do hope that you have planned to spay the sweet moms when they are fit and also the little ones when they are 2 months old?

  3. Flying Cutie! It is too sweet!!! Do all the kittens look slightly different from each other? We’d love to know how you tell them apart!

  4. Oh gosh…we saw the title on our bloggie reader and were afraid at first that one of the little babies had been lost ’cause of the use of ‘angel’…we were skeered! Very glad our first thought was not correct. Whew. That little cutie is indeed an angel! Fly, SuperKitten, fly!

    Purrs and hugs,
    The Kitty Krew

  5. Oh my! I just can’t get enough of these pictures of your kittens. This one looks like a small version of Sylvester the Puddytat — the one who actually went after Tweety, the bird!

    Adorable can’t describe it! I wish I could find a better word.

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