Paddy’s morning blues

The Dushi report: no news

Still no sign of Dushi. Also as yet no response to the flyers in the neighbourhood. Put up some more a little further away. At the house where I previously thought I may have heard a cat he wasn’t seen, but they would keep an eye out. No more meowing to hear. Not even after playing the recording of Paddy’s morning mews at several places.

One more thing must be done tomorrow: the dreaded call to the city’s department responsible for the removal of dead animals. Generally they share their information with the people from animal rescue (and they had no report from them about a cat fitting Dushi’s description), but they advised to call anyway, just to be sure.

I would like to thank everyone for the positive thoughts, purrs and suggestions the past days. Milo and Alfie’s mom’s suggestion of taking Paddy along in the cat carrier gave me the idea of using a recording. The real thing might be better, but the carrier is just to big and heavy to carry around the neighbourhood. I remain positive. And expect him to be waiting for me at the back door tomorrow or a call will come from animal rescue or in response to the flyers with some positive news.


Dushi is back!


4 thoughts on “Paddy’s morning blues

  1. That is too bad. We were hoping he was at that house. Lots more purrs coming your way. We had a cat disappear for 10 days and Mom had given up, and one evening she was sitting on the back step and a cat that looked just like BB walked up to the gate and it was BB. We were all very excited.

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