Truant Dushi, still missing

No news, the search continues

To start with: a tiny spark of hope. During a late night round of the neighbourhood, searching and putting up some flyers, I heard soft meowing. It was only a few times and it was not clear whether it had anything to do with me being around and from where it came. Most likely it came from the garden I was standing next to. But it was already after midnight and the house was dark, so I’ll have to wait for tomorrow before I can ask if they have seen him.

Doing rounds in the neighbourhood did make me aware of just how many houses with (fenced in) gardens are in this neighbourhood. Making it very possible that he is out there, somewhere. And even with his outside experience he could even be lost among the many back alleys with gardens on both sides. If so, maybe the flyers I taped to lampposts will help.


15 thoughts on “Truant Dushi, still missing

  1. I hope you find your Dushi. My thoughts are right there. I had a kitty go missing for 2 weeks and returned. My sister is going through this with her cat missing almost 2 weeks now. Keep on looking.

  2. We are sad that dear little Dushi is still missing. Since he loves Paddy so much, it may be worth putting Paddy in a carrying cage, and carrying him with you when you look for Dushi. As you call out Dushi’s name, Paddy might cry out and Dushi may hear and smell you both. It’s worth a try.
    Also if you heard a meow he may be stuck somewhere and unable to get back out. It’s definitely worth investigating the source of the sound.
    We are so wanting his safe return ~ good luck and keep us posted. Milo and Alfie send purrs.

    From the mom.

  3. Iam so sad to heat that Dushi is still missing. I am so hoping that he will come wondering home without a care. You must be so worried. Please know that we are thinking of you. Hugs GJ x

  4. That is a good idea to take Paddy in a cage and see if he would call Dushi. We are so sorry that he is still missing. It is so awful to not know where they are. I hope you find him soon. Lots of purrs coming your way.

  5. We keep checking your blog in hopes there will be an announcement that Dushi has returned home…..we continue to be sad because he’s missing and we are purring, purring, purring for his safe return home. xxxxxxxxx

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