Fall files #1: Woke up this morning…

I spy with my little eye

And what did I see?

Leaves, leaves, lots of leaves

Leaves here, leaves there. Leaves everywhere.
Leaves everywhere, but on the tree.

Leaves all around on the ground

And why? It’s beyond me.
It is a very strange affair.

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12 thoughts on “Fall files #1: Woke up this morning…

  1. Wow! That’s piles and piles of leaves virtually overnight! You can have lots of fun in those, Paddy. You can rustle them around and hide under them. They are very beautiful, too at your eye level. They add lots of colour to the ground.

  2. Paddy, I think I could find a purrfect hidey hole in all those leaves….maybe that’s why they aren’t on the tree anymore?????

    Happy Caturday xxxxxxxx

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