The happy hunter

Kitten caught a mouse

Catch of the day

Birds were too fast, too big, too high, maybe even too smart to be taken in by the hunting skills of Dushi, but this little mouse proved no match for him. Poor little thing was so tiny, Dushi’s only excuse for catching it is his own young age.

But then, a mouse is a mouse, and we don’t want them in the house. Something Dushi didn’t understand at first, as he kept storming in and out of the house. He probably wanted to draw attention to his first real catch (the slug he caught some months before doesn’t count, of course).

Still alive at first, the mouse didn’t survive Dushi’s Dushi’s “>roughhousing very long, luckily. That didn’t stop Dushi fromĀ showing off in front of his mother and sister. Until he was distracted by a passing butterfly. Monster jump from master hunter Dushi. A miss. And by the time he wanted to return to the mouse play, someone had made it disappear…

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7 thoughts on “The happy hunter

  1. Dushi, this is so dead cool. How old are you now? I was a kitten when I caught my first mousie too. Check out the post about it if you want to compare prey. Strangely mine dissapeared too. Your mom and sifur must be so proud of you!
    My respect, mighty huntress Chilli

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