Remembering Mosje

Today was a sad day. We lost our sweet uncle Mosje. He was the older brother of our mother Briti and he lived with Photoguy’s parents and Auntie Piwi.

Mosje was born with one underdeveloped eye. But that never seemed to hinder him. He looked at you with a sweet inquisitive eye that would melt your heart. And he could run, jump, climb like the best of cats. Not that he did much of that. Strolling was much more his tempo. He ruled gardens by just sitting on the roof and giving any intruder a pensive look: ‘Are you quite sure you want to be here?’ Usually they were not at all sure anymore.

Until recently he wasn’t what you would call a lap cat. But he loved just sitting next to your chair and, when there was not much more to be expected in the petting department, he would lie on your feet and go to sleep. He loved following people around the house and the garden. In the morning he would wait for you to come out of bed and walk you downstairs. Always stopping just in front of you on the very same step. Make you wait for a bit before continuing the descent.

A little more than a year ago Mosje was diagnosed with severe kidney problems. With special care he could continue his life with the usual flair and style. But the past month he deteriorated fast. He lost a lot of weight, but did discover the joy of sleeping on laps.

The last days it became clear that he wouldn’t be around for much longer. So finally today we had to say goodbye to a good friend, great companion and sweet cat. Mosje was a cat with personality. He will be severely missed by all.


47 thoughts on “Remembering Mosje

  1. Sweet Mosje. I know we didn’t know him, yet your post was beautiful. Tommy had a before kitty who had kidney problems and knows how you feel. She smiled bright at Mosje’s photo. I betcha even tho Mosje had one eye, he saw more of the world than anybody else.

    Purrs to you and for Uncle Mosje


    Psalms 50:15

  2. What a beautiful boy.
    We’s sending biki paws an soft purrs… we knows him will be missed.
    I will post a tribute tomorrow on The Cat Blogosphere for him.
    Love & Purrs,

  3. We are so sorry that your sweet Mosje had to leave you. We send you gentle purrs and comforting thoughts from our human.

  4. We are so very sorry that your purrrrecious kitty Mosje has gone to the rainbow bridge so quickly. That he knew the pleasure of your laps is a purrrrfect tribute to love between all of you…
    Soft comforting hugs from the cozy cottage

  5. We are so sorry to hear that beautiful Uncle Mosje hadta go to the Bridge ~ yoo must all feel very sad. But one thing is very clear, from the lovely eulogy yoo have written: that boy was well loved and had a very happy life. No cat can ask for more.

    RIP dear sweet Uncle Mosje.

  6. We are sorry to learn that Uncle Mosje had to leave for The Bridge. Your lovely tribute showed him as a real character of a cat. He was also very handsome.

    Rumbly purrs and love, fly free Uncle Mosje

    & Gerry

  7. So sorry to hear about Mosje’s passing. Our feling friends who pass always remain in our hearts. Our thoughts are with you as go through this transition.
    ~Lisa and all the gang at Cat of Nine Tales

  8. We are so very sad for you. Poor Mosje. Sounds like he was a wonderful boy. Now he is up in kitty heaven all healed up and can see out of both eyes. Lots of good thoughts and prayers and purrs coming your way Hugs too.

  9. So so sad you lost a sweet kitty.He will be sadly missed . Sounds a s though he was a real loely boy.. He will be once more running free and enjoying life with friends from the past.. Hugs GJ xx

  10. Mosje, You’ve found all of your furriends and Beans who went ahead to The Beautiful Bridge of Legend yesterday!
    We can only imagine how heavy the hearts your yet Earth-Bound Beans are today, as We have had to say farewell to many of our Dearest Creatures in Spirit. But to know that you now are free of pain and limitations with an endless Garden to explore will help lighten Your familys burden until they too see you once more.

    Bye for Now, Sweet Mosje!

    Purrs, Prayers and Many Cheekrubs to you all,

    Rose and the Royals

  11. I’m so sorry for your whole family’s loss. Uncle Mosje seems like he was a real sweetheart. It’s so sad that some kitties don’t get their fair share of time here on earth, but then I hear they have it even better over on the Rainbow Bridge. So we musn’t worry about them. It’s the ones who are left behind who grieve.

    Uncle Mosje will be with you always in memory and in spirit.

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