Our sunshine

She makes us happy

Play: You are the sunshine of my life

Yesterday we got a message from our friends Bugsy, Sassy, Callie, Roxy, Pixie and their mom, or  The Kitty Krew, that they have an award for us called: Este blog me faz feliz! Or, this blog makes me happy. We would like to thank them very much.

Este_blog_me_faz_feliz (blog makes me happy)

The rules for this award are:

1 – Post the blog that gave you the award
2 – Post 5 things that make you happy
3 – Pass the award to 5 other blogs

It is very easy to come up with five things that make us happy, because in our (young) lives there is so very little that makes us unhappy. Therefore we would like to focus on what keeps us happy: our mom Briti.

  • She always keeps an eye on us, when we are playing or sleeping or hanging out in the garden
  • She protects us from neighbourhood cats that scare us (just this afternoon she chased one away)
  • She plays with us, as if she was still a kitten herself
  • She lets us eat before her, when we are hungry. Even when she is already eating, she will take a step back and watch us eat first
  • She lets us snuggle up to her and licks us until we are sleeping

Now for the passing on of the award. There are so many to choose from, so we tried to think of the blogs that made us especially happy recently and today we came up with this list: congratulations.

  1. Perfectly Parker
  2. Adan and Lego
  3. DailyGs
  4. Cat with a garden
  5. The Monkeys

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6 thoughts on “Our sunshine

  1. Arrrr, and ye be welcome on the award as ye are all deserving. Ye did a fine job in the tellin’ of why yer momma Briti makes ye happy. She be a fine momma kitty, she iz.

    And we be happy to have ye fine kitties in our pirate crew, Paddy and Dushi could indeed climb the riggin’ with ease and we have no doubts that Briti could hold off any scurvy bandits who tried to attack our ship. Welcome aboard, mateys!

    Purrs and hugs,
    The Kitty Pirate Krew

  2. Congrats on your award. Your blog makes us happy too. Whenever we go looking at kitty blogs, you guys are the first. And I love how you wrote the 5 things that make you happy are all about Briti. She sounds like a good Momcat. We’ll see you next time!

  3. Your Mom sounds like a wonderful cat mommy! We especially love that she plays with you like she was a kitten herself!

    Thank you for passing this on to us! We definitely think you guys are awesome

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