The birds are coming!

It finally happened. Birds visited our garden. First came the chickadees. Paddy immediately rushed in the tree to welcome them personally. To her great disappointment the little birds weren’t in the mood for a meet and greet.

On top of that, Photoguy decided that – it being winter and snow everywhere – the little birds’ life was hard enough without them worrying about tree climbing cats. So he told us to go in the house and stay there. Us! Can you believe it?
Of course the cute little chickadees never returned. Instead two big fat pigeons perched in our tree. Looking like they owned it. And one of them didn’t even have the common courtesy to let Photoguy take a picture.


11 thoughts on “The birds are coming!

  1. I know you can never hurt these birds!They are cute and it’s nice that photoguy took a picture , it’s fabulous!
    And the first shot is always fascinating!
    purrs and love
    Enjoy your tree!

  2. He made you go inside?? How rood. You were ready to say hello and everything, Paddy! Just being neighborly, that’s all…

    Hey, we have an award for you kitties on our bloggie today, come by and see when you have a chance! 🙂

    Purrs and hugs,
    The Kitty Krew

  3. Photoguy was being a good guy even though you may not have thought so. I know it’s in your nature to “meet and greet” but i think you and birdie have different definitions!

  4. How nice that you still have birds around. Most of ours have flown south — though there are some hardy ones that brave the winter — but not many.

    It was also very kind of you to put the kitties inside so the birds wouldn’t be bothered (though I’m sure Paddy and Dushi wouldn’t agree).

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