Golden eyes

Photoguy bought a new camera. And apparently it’s a good one, for now everyone can finally see my glorious golden eyes.

No more muttering about poor light conditions and me having to keep sitting still. What girl my age is able to do that? When your eyes are open you always see things. And things are interesting, must be investigated and preferably tossed around for a while.

After all, a kittens life is a very busy one.

16 thoughts on “Golden eyes

  1. What a beautiful photo. I was just thinking about your site and your kitties and wondering how you all are doing. I want to get a new camera but the cost of so many keeps me from doing so. If you are ok with letting me know about your camera and you got a good price, please e-mail me privately. Also, let me know how you get such large photos. My blog photos are not so big. I just adore your Blog. One or two photos seems to say it all. Always learning.

  2. Hi, gorgeous Zeppo!…Great photo and it’s so wonderful to see you again, lovely girl…We hope you all enjoy a fun week ahead, sweet friends…kisses…Calle, Halle, Sukki

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