After the walkabout – home sweet home

Dear friends

Before a kitten can become a man he must go out into the world to explore and, most important, discover himself. A rite of passage. Last week I decided the time for me had come and, as I was outside already, started my walkabout then and there. Looking back, I must admit it shouldn’t have been a spur of the moment thing to do. At the very least you should communicate such an intention to your loved ones.

After the first celebrations of my return it soon became clear that my little escapade had been the cause of great misery and worries at home, even on a worldwide scale. Of course I never meant to do that and I would like to offer my sincere and heartfelt apologies for that.

On behalf of mother Briti, sister Paddy, Photoguy and myself I also want to express our profound gratitude for all your positive thoughts, purrs and comments in that so difficult time for them.

16 thoughts on “After the walkabout – home sweet home

  1. Dushi, we are just really glad that you came home. Your poor human was going nuts. Now, you must stay home or if you go off, come back in a couple of hours. Glad you are all right and home.

  2. Dushi, we just realised that you’ve been missing from home for a while. We’re very glad that you are home again, but we’ve got to ask you to please stay near home now and hang out with your sister. Our humans worry so much when we go away, that it’s kinder to stay near home.

    {{{hugs}}} to all of you,

    Gypsy & Tasha

  3. We zijn zo blij dat je weer thuis bent !!!
    Blijf maar lekker binnen want in het weekend
    krijgen we nieuwe sneeuw …..
    knuffels van Kareltje =^.^=

  4. Well Dushi, it sounds like you really did learn a lesson! You learned how much everyone cares about you all around the world — what a great lesson to learn, but please don’t do such a thing again now. It’s too hard on the rest of us, including your loving family.

  5. Oh my gosh!!!!! We have been away from the blogs for a few days and didn’t even know that Dushi had disappeared. How horrible!!! We are so happy to hear he made his way home and are so sorry for all of the worry and heartache you’ve been feeling while he was lost. I hope you can enjoy a big family snuggle now.

    Your friends,
    Glogirly & Katie

  6. It was such a relief to hear you came home safely….we really did miss you and were very worried about you………please let the PhotoGuy know if you plan to go on another walkabout at some future time……xxxxxxxxx

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