Stormy weather – keeps raining all the time

“I’m all better. May I go out now?”

Yes you may, Dushi. But do you really want to?

“Rats! (And not the good kind) Stormy weather, raining all the time. Now I really have the blues.”

Listen to: Stormy weather

12 thoughts on “Stormy weather – keeps raining all the time

  1. Poor Dushi, he is all better and it is raining. Hope tomorrow will be better for you. It is time for you to play. Take care and have a good week.

  2. Poor Dushi! No sunshine in your life at the moment, huh? Such big eyes you have — you are one gorgeous boy kitty. I was wondering when you are going to be a year old. Surely it must be soon. Then we can call you a gorgeous mancat.

  3. We hope the weather will let you outside soon so you can make up for lost time…..xxxxxxx mamabug is beginning to feel like she wants to live again, so that’s a good sign…..:) We love y’all xxxxxxx

  4. Dushi, we’re glad you’re feeling better and hope you get to go outside real soon. We hate rain too (even if we don’t get to go outside much anyway).

    Purrs and hugs,
    The Kitty Krew

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