Dushi is BACK!!!! (updated)

Late late night update…

Dushi is back!

He showed up suddenly at the back door. Looking none the worse for his adventure.


He came home and walked in as if he had just been out for a short stroll. Unshaken, unstirred. He had lost some weight though, but in a good way (he was getting a little chubby). His first concern was naturally to make up for lost dinners. In between eating he did notice the new blender and he had to check that out immediately. Cuddles weren’t his first concern. Only after a lot of eating did he stop by for a very short one.
Paddy is really happy with the return of her brother. She has made it her business not to lose sight of him and follows Dushi wherever he goes. Needless to say, today no more morning blues mews.


26 thoughts on “Dushi is BACK!!!! (updated)

  1. I tried to post my comment but it tells me it is a duplicate. I am so happy for you and Dushi and that he is ok. Great news. I bet you will be keeping him inside for now.

  2. Dushi je was niet lief
    iedereen was ongerust….
    Maar ik ben reuzeblij dat je heelhuids thuis bent !!
    Proficiat en vannacht kunnen jullie eindelijk allemaal rustg slapen.

  3. I hadn’t been online for a few days, and came back to find this. I’m so glad I saw it only after Dushi was back. It’s quite distressing — I had the same thing happen with Dylan last fall. While they’re gone, you just can’t relax — it’s always on your mind.

    I’m so happy Dushi made it home in one piece. I hope he’s not inclined to stray again anytime soon (or ever for that matter).

    Paddy’s meows sound very stressed indeed. No wonder she doesn’t want to let Dushi out of her sight now. How sweet!

  4. Dushi… please do not do that again!!! You’ve had the whole world (or at least cats in every part of the world!) worried about you, silly goose!!

    Home is the best place of all, you guys both stay close to it!

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