Your seat? We beg to differ

Paddy had surgery

The past few days doubts about Paddy’s health began to emerge and when she wouldn’t eat last night or this morning Photoguy decided to take her to the vet. She was diagnosed with intussusception of the intestine and in need of surgery. That was performed the same afternoon. Afterwards the vet reported the surgery went well. Part of the intestine has been removed and unless there is a leak or it fails to start functioning again she should be fine.
Later he called to report she was recovering well, but still very weak (she did lose a lot of blood because of the procedure). No reason to worry, but he did want to keep her there for the night.

Paddy is home

This afternoon Paddy came home from the vet. She looks at ease and is drinking, but still needs to be fed. Hopefully a little bit of trout will bring her appetite back.

18 thoughts on “Your seat? We beg to differ

  1. thanks for the update i am so sorry! Is that when the intestine gets twisted? was it something that happened as a result of birthing? please keep us updated and keep the adorable pictures coming please! Can you post all 10 of them at once?

    • As I understand it, the intestine slides into itself, thus blocking it. Many things can cause it, but in Paddy’s case it may have happened when she had diarrhea earlier this week.

  2. My thoughts are with Paddy and of course you, photoguy as it is do hard to have your kitty so sick. Glad you got her there in time to have this surgery. Sometimes it takes a little time to recover, and she will do that with what sounds like a wonderful vet and owner. Take care.

  3. We are praying and purring loudly for Paddy’s quick recovery; her condition sounds serious and we are so happy her surgery went well…Kisses sweet Paddy, we love you, beautiful girl…xo…Calle, Halle, Sukki

  4. Oh, poor Paddy! I sure hope she feels better soon. It’s a good thing you took her to the vet when you did. I guess Briti will have to take over nursing duties for all the kittens until she’s better — unless they are totally weaned.

    Love today’s kitten picture, of course. The more, the merrier. The previous post’s picture is on the LOLSpot if you haven’t seen it yet. I guess you’ve been rather busy and concerned about Paddy, no doubt.

  5. Oh, NO!!!!!!!!!!! Paddy, darlin’ Paddy, we are so sad that you had to go through all that…..we are purring and purraying that you will soon be A-OK again.

    We will be worrying about you and your babies, dear Paddy…..are they old enough to wean, or will Briti have to take over….with possibly PhotoGuy supplementing with a bottle??? (Our mama is a worry wart!!!!!!)

    We love you all…..xxxxxxxxx

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