Fencing: 5 meter hurdle race

Cat-O-Lympics, day four. Not really an official event, but maybe it should be: a hurdle race on fences.
While Paddy is undisputed queen of the trees, Dushi is the one and only king of the fence. Nothing can stop him there, not even a sleeping sister.

Paddy’s uses a different, less refined, technique in overcoming obstacles on the fence. She’s a sweet girl, but can be a bit pushy sometimes.


17 thoughts on “Fencing: 5 meter hurdle race

  1. ohhh Paddy, you are so athletic!You both look great in action!
    Hello sweet friends,
    I miss you so much, I’m so happy now visiting your blog.So cool news!I’m also happy that photoguy and you know Martina Sábliková!
    She is great isn’t it?
    Good lucky to you in this amazing competition!Go for a golden medal okay!
    purrs and always love

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