20 thoughts on “I’m calling uncle

  1. Heehee! I bet Dushi loves being an uncle!! He’s going to be teaching them all the tricks of climbing trees!!

  2. Cutie.. so has Dushi seen the babies? Btw… this may mot by my bussiness but have you started looking for homes for the 10 babies and got dates for neutering the two lovely moms?

  3. If the little one is calling “Uncle”, then this must be one of Paddy’s babies calling for Dushi. Otherwise, it would just be his big brother. Have I got this straight?

    Sweet and delightful, as always. Can’t get enough of those kittens.

  4. Hey there’s some good kitty wrestling in the making! Momma Briti & Uncle Dushi better make sure that all the babies are safe & that they don’t beat each other up too bad!!

    Nico & JayJay

    ps – Our Mom LOVED the baby kitten video from a few days ago! She just melted at hearing those sweet little squeaks!

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