Dushi and friend & Kittens in Trees, the next generation

Friends by day

… and by night

The next generation has discovered the trees. Discreetly these two try out their climbing skills in the poor light of the evening. They have a lot to learn.


21 thoughts on “Dushi and friend & Kittens in Trees, the next generation

  1. Dushi, you are being a good uncle. Good for the kittens to venture into the trees. It looks like the pictures are of the same kitten, where are the rest of them??
    Have a great day.

  2. Dushi is a great Daddy/Big Brother/Uncle!…Adorable photos=will you guys keep a few kittens?…Is there a girl kitty that looks like Paddy?…Very sweet, but sad too…We wish you all the best, lovely friends…kisses and hugs x3…Calle, Halle, Sukki

  3. I like this theme of “The Next Generation”. How adorable that they’ve already discovered the trees — it must be in their blood. Dushi will certainly be busy teaching the little ones and keeping track of them, too?

    Have you decided to keep a kitten or two, perhaps?

  4. How cute! Dushi looks so much like our Kenji. How wonderful that the kittens are starting to climb! How time flies. It is so nice to have Uncle Dushi teaching them all the tricks!

  5. We love the kittens and have been wondering when they would take to the trees. Most of all though, we are sooooooooooo very happy to see our friend, Dushi.

    He is going to have his paws full now, instructing the little darlings in tree climbing!!!!! xxxxxxxx

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