24 thoughts on “Whiskers on kittens

  1. That little panther with the beautiful, tiny face and big whiskers is too adorable…How do you guys get anything done with so much cute everywhere you look?!!…Happy day sweet friends…xo…Calle, Halle, Sukki

  2. So cute. Beautiful whiskers and a little pink mouth and those adorable
    white feet. I bet they have pink pads on their feet like our George did when he was young. I ran into a Blog yesterday that had a photo of 6 kittens all black and white and 2 that looked more like Dushi and Paddy with so much white. So many beautiful kitties around.

  3. “Whiskers on kittens and bright yellow mittens…” The raindrops are on roses.

    You and Briti are raising wonderful kittens. We are all so sorry about Paddy and the kitten.

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