Kittens in trees – anniversary edition

July 7, 2010 – Summer, sun mildly shining and history repeating. In days just like these, exactly one year ago, the first photo’s of Paddy and Dushi exploring the great outdoors that is our garden were made. They didn’t venture out very far the first week or so. Only went as far as the trees at the end of the terrace and then up. Trees were a perfect playground and, when tired out, turned out to be a perfect place to sleep. If birds can do it, so can kittens. The pictures of those days had to be shared with the world and so Cats in Trees began.

Today the weather is the same as one year ago. As are the trees and again there are kittens in them. The same, and yet different. The death of the original Cat in Trees, Paddy, leaves a big empty space. She was the true heart and soul of this blog.

Meanwhile, the new kittens come up with new antics. And, as children of their time, this generation has developed new qualities. Last night they turned out to be football-proof. A goal by the favoured team (the Dutch) would send millions of cats scrambling to safety in the most far away corners. Not so for this generation: the cheers were loud – it being the semi-final of the world cup – and many – it took three goals to bring Orange into the final – but the kittens remained unfazed. They stayed in their curled up positions, not even opening an eye. Only purring when petted.

The past weeks were extremely busy for Photoguy. As it left him tired and more and more depleted of extra creativity (luckily he did have enough to do his job), Cats in Trees-activity ceased for a week. Not to worry: everycat is fine, it’s just Photoguy and a whole lot of work. But even now all the work is done, successfully, he really needs a vacation.

For someone like Photoguy that means less time behind a computer.
Cats in Trees is back in the air, but will remain for the time being on an irregular summer schedule. We certainly hope to inspire him for a World Cup special post for the final next sunday (“Hup Holland Hup”).

We will celebrate our anniversary, basking in the glow of yesterday’s historic Dutch victory and the mild summer sun. In doing so we will certainly remenisce about the first year of blogging for Cats in Trees and the wonderful experience it turned out to be. Our thanks go out to everyone for visiting our blog, the many comments and especially for the friendship shown in the best and worst of times.

23 thoughts on “Kittens in trees – anniversary edition

  1. What a great way to spend an anniversary! Life with less computer time is sometimes needed, we’re all here for you when you are ready.

  2. We couldn’t read this post without our eyes leaking. We miss Paddy so much and these are such great memories of her. We love this blog and wish you a very Happy Anniversay!!!!

  3. Bonjour sweet friends!
    Thanks so much photoguy for this “special edition post”, it’s so cute!I miss Paddy so much!
    Thanks also for the news, we were worried about the kitties!
    Please take a time for resting and in these days with Sun and the weather is so crazy, take lots of ice cream okay!
    Good lucky to Holland! yahooooooooooo! :))
    And I’m sending you all lots of good energies and love

  4. What a very nice post and tribute to Paddy. That was wonderful. The kittens are so cute too. Have a great break and happy anniversary.

  5. Happy Anniversary, although it is a bittersweet remembrance for sure…Have you guys decided to keep some of the kittens?…We miss Paddy too and it was a lovely homage to your beautiful girl…We wish you a great, safe, restful vacation and kisses to all your gorgeous kitties…Very best regards…J, Calle, Halle, Sukki

  6. I am so happy that you are spending your anniversary this way. Your kittens in trees are adorable. It does bring tears to my eyes in remembering Paddy. She will be missed but left many blessings for you. Enjoy your Summertime. I hope your Blog will continue. It is so very difficult to lose a cat as we lost ours last year, and ended up rescuing another. It must help to have the kittens and your other kitties as each day passes. We are all human and it takes time to move forward with a loss like that of Paddy. I love your Blog and look forward to seeing more of it as you have time to post more. I must go into the hospital in 2 1/2 weeks and will have internet access, so hope to see you posting some adorable photos if you have time. To a wonderful Photoguy, take care and know you are thought of and your Blog is thoroughly enjoyed. Take care.

  7. Happy anniversary! We love the new kittens, but we definitely miss sweet Paddy too. She was a very special girl.

    We hope your Photoguy enjoys his vacation time and the World Cup is good to him (our Mom is rooting for Germany – sorry!)

  8. Congrats on your one year anniversary. It is sad that Paddy isn’t here for it, but we know she is in spirit, and in the kittens that now enjoy those trees.

    And we understand about needing a break – summer especially seems to lead to sporadic posting – there is so much other stuff to do! Enjoy the break – we will be here when you have the chance to post!

  9. It’s a bittersweet anniversary here, isn’t it?

    Humans tend to overwork themselves – their ability to sense that they need rest is not as well developed as it is with cats. So I’m not surprised photoguy needs a bit of a break.

  10. Happy Blogoversary! We’ve enjoyed seeing the Cats in Trees this past year. We miss Paddy too…still hard to believe that she is gone. Enjoy your break, photoguy…we understand…and we’ll be ready for more cats in trees when you return.

  11. What a beautiful remembrance post. We remember those early days with sweet little Paddy and Dushi too. It was a wonderful moment in time captured for posterity ~ but alas time moves on, and things change ~ whether we want them to or not. We miss Paddy.

    We can understand the need for a change or rest too. Mom often says she spends way too much time at the computer ~ so in summer we post less too. Well that’s the theory anyway!!!

    Enjoy the summer, and the football ~ just don’t forget to come back when yoo’re rested up.

    Happy Bloggerversary. RIP sweet little Paddy.

  12. We feel so honored to have been here for most of the year…..can’t remember exactly when we became friends, but know it was last year when we were still on WordPress.

    Photoguy, please take care of yourself and get rested up, cuz we want you back….it is different without Paddy, for sure, but we really are missing Dushi.

    Hope you don’t mind us asking, but will you keep one of Paddy’s kittens in remembrance of her???

    Please check our blog tomorrow (Friday) as Briti will appear in our Femme Friday segment.

    We will be missing y’all and looking forward to your next post.

    We love y’all.

  13. Happy Blog Anniversary. I’m so sorry about your sweet Paddy, you must miss her beyond words. Perhaps having her beautiful kittens around will help ease the pain. I hope Dushi is doing oksy without his beloved sister.

  14. This is a lovely tribute to Paddy on a bitter sweet anniversary. We still feel so sad that she has gone to the Bridge. As fellow tree climbers she will always have a place in our hearts.
    Purrs Eric and Flynn
    Take time out and recharge your batteries PhotoGuy. We will miss seeing as much of Britti, Dushi and the kittens through the summer, but we will be here when you return rested.
    Eric and Flynn’s mum.

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