I think I am being shadowed


13 thoughts on “I think I am being shadowed

  1. Someone sure is shadowing you. Better watch out. Will go vote for Paddy. Hope you have a great day or night. Can’t wait to play those other sounds for all the cats here.

  2. MOL….strange things happen to our mamabug….we somehow posted this on our blog instead of yours…..so hopefully she’s gotten over her “blond moment” now and will get the post posted here for you, Paddy:
    We went to vote for you again, Paddy, and see the polls are closed….and it appears you won, darlin’ girl…..YAY!!!!!! YAY!!!!! YAY!!!!!!!!

    Ma is home and doing well….we thank y’all for your concern during her ordeal…..friends are so special.

    We were excited to see that Photoguy’s grand is Ma also……:) xxxxxxxxx

  3. Yes, Dushi, it’s a well known fact that when the sun comes out that tends to happen. But I guess you spend most of your time in trees, where there’s always shade.

    I love the shadows that kitties leave. They make for some very interesting photos, eh?

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