Singing in the rain? NOT!

Play: Singing in the rain

12 thoughts on “Singing in the rain? NOT!

  1. Rain’s better than SNOW!!!! You probably won’t get much snow so I’m not sure you’ll need our cold weather survival guide. Our Opposable Thumb Wench (the OTW) says her dad from Utrecht said the weather in the Netherlands is like Vancouver, where we used to live. We got hardly any snow there. Here the snow will be deeper than I am tall soon!

    We added your suggestion, and a few other cats’ to our guide! Thank you!

  2. Dushi, you are so handsome! We are supposed to be getting rain here in California but all we are getting is freezing temperatures. It’s so cold, Mom doesn’t let us out very much. She says she doesn’t want us to get sick. Ugh.

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