Headbutts & kitten crushes

It’s Cat-O-Lympics time and there is one more event for us to participate in: Competitive Pouncing, hosted by Life of a Spoiled Cat. As with most things we have our very own style. Like Dushi’s patented kitten-crush. So willingly demonstrated above with his sister Paddy.

But little Paddy is certainly no slouch when it comes to pouncing. Her pretty little head can also be an awesome weapon, when she administers one of her mighty headbutts. No wonder she is queen of the trees.

15 thoughts on “Headbutts & kitten crushes

  1. What great photos. Sometimes I wish Oscar had a sister or brother. I think he may wish that also. Dushi and Paddy are beautiful cats.

  2. You kitties have such great Cat-O-Lympic moves in all the events you’ve entered, we bet you’ll be sporting many medals at the end. The pounce is fantastic, Dushi, and Paddy you are adorable with your headbutt!

    Purrs and hugs,
    The Kitty Krew

  3. Amazing pictures as always! Like you, I like to get action shots — but none of mine are quite as active as yours (LOL)! I guess you have to have kittens. Sorry, if I mistook Paddy for Dushi on the LOLSpot. You couldn’t really see her face, and I just guessed.

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