The mystery of the disappearing kittens – solved

We have been tagged by Eric and Flynn to play to the photo game and post the 10th photo in the first folder. Here we go: it’s a photo of the both of us on one of our first days outside.

When we were first allowed out Photoguy feared we might end up in one of the neighbours gardens and get lost. He needn’t have worried. After investigating the chairs and the bikes we came upon the trees and immediately climbed up. For weeks we spend almost all of our time outside in the trees or strolling up and down the fence.


Yay! Our little Paddy won the people’s choice gold medal in Huffle Mawson’s Competitive Napping Event in Fin’s Cat-O-Lympics. And there must have been threehundred million contestants in that event. She has been parading proudly through the house all day. Thank you everyone for voting.

Listen to: Gold

Child’s play: kittens in trees

Everywhere we look, we see kitten pictures. All in celebration of Fin and her mom’s double birthday. That must be what the fireworks last night was all about. We just want to say happy birthday to the both of them and a very happy New Year to everyone. And here is a picture from one of the first days we were allowed out in the garden, when we were about six weeks old. Enjoy.

These our a few of our favorite things

Thanksgiving may be over, we kittens still have a lot to be thankful for. There are so many things that make us happy. What we enjoyed most of all, was spending our first summer in our trees and blogging about it. And because WordPress has a video contest about giving thanks and things you enjoy, we asked Photoguy to create this little video for us. Maybe we will win a little camera. Photoguy could use one. He may have shown real improvement in making little movies, the quality of the filming is very poor.